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What is Roller Skate Etiquette?

There are some basic rules, common to roller rinks, that help everyone stay safe:

  • Everyone skates the same direction
  • Slow skaters on the inside lane, fast skaters on the outside lane
  • The middle section is for dancing and tricks
  • Be aware of other skaters by shoulder checking when crossing the rink.
  • Indicate by putting your hand out
  • Don’t cut people off
  • Fall small – no grabbing other skaters
  • Texting and skating don’t mix
  • Food, drinks and shoes are not allowed on the skate surface at any time
What age is best to start roller skating?

Most kids have success starting at the kindergarten age (5+).

Can I walk on the rink surface to hold my small child’s hand?

No. The rink surface is for skaters only. If your child cannot skate on their own, consider bringing them to a lesson so they can learn to skate.

Does House of Skate have skate rentals?

We have quad and inline skates for rent. Click here for more details.

Do I need a helmet and safety gear?
Safety gear is required for classes and highly recommended but not required for open skate sessions.

Skaters skate at their own risk (view waiver).

Who can skate at House of Skate?

We have skating sessions for all ages.

Family Skate sessions have radio friendly music and are suitable for families and kids.

Open Skate sessions are for all ages.

Adult Skate times are restricted to 18+ and ID is required. No exceptions.

Please check our schedule for specific skate times.

Do you have an adults only skate night?

We do have adult only skate times. This means you must be 18 years old and older to skate during these sessions. ID is required, no exceptions.

Please check our schedule for Adult Skate times.

Can I use a skateboard, scooter or heelys?

No, only roller skates or inline skates are permitted at House of Skate.

Do I have to pay admission when only my child is skating?

Yes. We have a spectator fee admission price.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

You can get a rain check for OPEN SKATE SESSION when the request is made 48 hrs prior to the session via email only to You have 7 days to reuse your booking. No refunds or rain checks for SPECIAL EVENTS. Our calendar under “Schedule and Pricing” will indicate if your ticket is an Open Skate or a Special Event. No exceptions.