House of Skate

House of Skate policies are in place to keep everybody safe and to ensure an enjoyable roller rink experience.

Here’s how to be a good skate citizen.


Follow Rink Etiquette

  1. Everyone skates the same direction
  2. Slow skaters on the inside lane, fast skaters on the outside lane of the big rink
  3. The middle section is for dancing and tricks
  4. Be aware of other skaters by shoulder checking when crossing the rink
  5. Indicate crossing the rink by putting your hand out
  6. Don’t cut people off
  7. Fall small – no grabbing other skaters
  8. Texting and skating don’t mix
  9. The beginner skate zone is for beginners only

Keep the Skate Floor Clear

  • No shoes on the skate floor
  • No food or drink on the skate floor

Check Your Skates

  • Clean your wheels
  • Ensure your brake, toe stops or jam plugs are in good condition
  • Check for loose nuts and bolts
  • Ask House of Skate or NERD Roller Skates staff for help adjusting your skates
  • If your skate setup could damage the floor or is determined to be unsafe House of Skate reserves the right to refuse use on the skate floor


Skate Patrol is there to help. If they ask you to do something or stop doing something, it is to keep everyone safe.

No alcohol or vaping on site. Anybody determined to be intoxicated will be asked to leave.

Any person demonstrating abusive language or behaviour towards staff, volunteers or other skaters will be asked to leave.

No refunds for admissions.

House of Skate is a community that shares a love of skating regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality or gender identity. We welcome all people who embrace our diversity.